Stream Latest Videos Instantly Without Searching From Favorite YouTube Channels, They Are Readily Available Here In Different Sections.

Who We Are?

Lalelal.Me is:
• an Entertainment platform dedicated to the people of Bangladesh and Bengali community in the world. Latest videos from some of the popular channels of YouTube are organized in different sections based on their categories and thus, the users can watch the latest videos from popular YouTube Channels instantly (without any search).
• a feature-rich Classified Ad platform that offers 8 types (buy, sell, rent, exchange, auction, gift, job-offer, job-wanted) of ads.
• a modern and futuristic Directory Listing service for institutes, services, businesses, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, websites, applications etc.
• an evolving Social Platform with social group forums especially for students and professionals.
• a categorized Questions and Answers service.
• a platform of time passing productively through Quizzes.

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Brief description about the features it has.

◘ Video Entertainment: There are thousands of videos that users can watch instantly. Latest videos from some of the popular channels on YouTube are grouped in different sections so that users can enjoy them in specific sections without any search. Moreover, users, especially content owners, can add links (URL) of playable videos from YouTube (and Facebook) to extend the reach of their video contents to more people through Lalelal.Me.

Links To Video Sections: | Bangla Dramas | Gadget Reviews | GK-Job-Preparation | Movie Explanation | Recipes | Animations/ Cartoons | Audio Stories (Audio Book) | Sports | Bangladeshi TV Channels | Newspapers | Foreign TV Channels | User Summited Videos |

◘ Student’s Utopia: It consists of a number of pioneer forums for students of various levels from Class 9 to University higher studies. Students can participate to different forums as per their level of education, choice of faculties, departments and or subjects. It is also a great way to establish network among students as per their levels.

◘ Verve (Professionals): It has a vast number of dedicated forums for various professional people. Each forum is different for various profession.

◘ General: There are a number of forums in this section and they are suitable for all.

◘ Question and Answer: It is a categorized question and answer platform for its community like many others. Users can ask questions and provide answers to questions.

◘ Classified Ads: People can be able to promote their products, properties and or services by posting classified ads for free unlimited. It serves eight types (to sell, to buy, to auction, to gift, to rent, to exchange, job offer, job wanted) of ads.

◘ Directory Listings: It’s a futuristic and modern service with regular and exclusive features for listings of institutes, services, businesses, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, websites, applications, etc. It provides several features like embeding personal/ official Facebook page Like Button, YouTube videos, images, hyperlinks and connecting to YouTube channel, Google Form, Google Drive, popular social sites. It’s also a free service at Lalelal.Me.

◘ Contest: Generally contest runs for a scheduled period. Users can participate to contest and can win prizes and or loyalty points as per the rules.

◘ Quiz: User can play puzzling quiz. A number of questions appear one by one randomly. As per the rule, user can win prizes and or loyalty points.

◘ Blog: The blogs are mainly textual, and they are suitable for people seeking for personal development.

◘ Prizes: Users get Loyalty Points (LPs) against most of their activities and participation. This leads them get selected for winning the prize.

What Do We Do?

The services are for it’s evolving community. Through different services, Lalelal.Me is likely to craft, develop and tune various functionalities and features to it’s community.

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Like every other community driven platform, it has it’s own domain of interests. For example, Lalelal.Me eases users to get latest videos from popular and quality channels of YouTube which is an unique feature. Moreover, the forum section “Student’s Utopia” is pioneer of its kind and class. It facilitates many features so that students from different places, levels, merits, capacities can be able to help each other and such like.

Who Are With Us?

Lalelal.Me welcomes new and existing users. It targets to happily serve to the best community with a good volume of users. Like other platforms, it will keep expanding over period. We are happy with the number of users we have in a short period since its start in late 2019.

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At present, most of the users are youth, students and professionals. We hope we will be able to attract more users to join to our community. Different features will attract different people and thus, we believe our community will be a big one soon.

At the same time, we have started moving to attract other groups of people who can get benefited from the services it provides. Moreover, in a short time, we believe, we can be able to have association and or affiliation with other businesses, brands and service providers.

How Will It Contribute?

Lalelal.Me will keep serving to it’s own community through services it has like instant videos from YouTube, classified ads, directory listings and group forums, and it will directly contribute to the society, education, business and other entities of each member of the community.